Red List of Ecosystems Research


ARC Linkage Project (LP130100435) Red listing ecosystems – testing the new global standard for conservation

Research teamDavid Keith (UNSW), Mark Burgman (The University of Melbourne), Emily Nicholson (Deakin University), Tracey Regan (The University of Melbourne, Arthur Rylah Institute), Lucie Bland (The University of Melbourne), Nick Murray (UNSW), Jon Paul Rodriguez (IVIC), Richard Kingsford (UNSW), Rebecca Lester (Deakin University), Tony Auld, (NSW OEH), Daniel Rogers (SA DEWNR)

Co-funded by the Australian Research Council, the IUCN, the NSW Office for Environment and Heritage, and the South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

Summary: Red List criteria for assessing risks to ecosystems are a major global advance in biodiversity conservation.
Despite a strong theoretical basis, the criteria are untested. We aim to test their performance under realworld
constraints, working with partners from state governments and the IUCN. This project is significant
because inadequate evaluation frameworks and tools to deal with uncertainties have seriously impeded
biodiversity conservation. We will develop and apply a new method, Ecosystem Viability Analysis, and the
first performance test for ecosystem assessment. Outcomes include risk assessment guidelines, new
analytical tools and high-impact scientific publications, providing vital support for a global network of users.


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